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The rich and fruity one

Clubhouse is a whisky infused with the character and heritage of Scotland’s open spaces.

It is an award winning Blended Scotch Whisky crafted for the connoisseur and designed for satisfaction after a day enjoying the great outdoors.

Timeless, refined and very well mannered, Clubhouse is an exceptional blend of rich fruit flavours, balanced with a hint of peat smoke and an undertone of sweet spiciness that leaves a fresh, mouth-watering finish.

Clubhouse is a blend of mostly Speyside combined with Highland and Islay whiskies. Three grain whiskies and fifteen different well aged malts contribute to the smooth character of Clubhouse.

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Clubhouse 70cl Blended Scotch Whisky

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Clubhouse 100cl Blended Scotch Whisky

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Clubhouse Scotch Whisky Miniatures
Whisky gift Set 3 x 5cl

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Clubhouse 89/100 Excellent whisky, definitely worth buying. ‘… magnificently juicy kick to the delivery… superb muscovado sugars at play… very neat and tidy and eminently quaffable’
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Clubhouse Scotch Whisky
5cl miniatures

The Taste:  An exceptional blend of rich fruit flavours balanced with a hint of peat smoke and an undertone of sweet spiciness that leaves a fresh, mouth-watering finish. What is the Clubhouse Blend? ‘This exceptional blended Scotch whisky contains grain and mature malt Scotch whiskies form Speyside, Highlands and Islay. The result is a complex rich fruit flavour and long finish.’ The key ingredients which help to make our Clubhouse blend so desirable are the Islay and Speyside malts. The Islay adds a peaty and smoky hint and the Speyside a rich and fruity character, which is recognised as being at the heart of all good blends. Clubhouse has around 30% of aged malts to the blend. What is important is the quality of these malts and the fact that they are all over five years old, which adds considerably to the Clubhouse smooth cherished flavour.

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