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A Panama Rum, 5 years old with a rich taste and sweet and inviting aroma. Admiral’s Cask is the first rum from OSA that celebrates the importance that oak cask maturation has on the flavour of rum as well as the part a cask played in the story of Britain’s beloved Admiral Lord Nelson. This is the same rum as is available in our Admiral’s Diamond range, but presented in a unique cask format for year-round gifting appeal.

Panama (in the Caribbean) is ideally suited to the production of superior dark rum. Admiral’s Cask has a sweet and inviting aroma of vanilla and honey. A beautiful rich, buttery taste makes it perfect for sipping neat, with ice or mixing. Beautiful replica cask filled with superior quality dark rum that makes a fantastic gift or display for a spirits shelf.

Admiral Lord Nelson was killed in 1805 by a French sniper at the Battle of Trafalgar. His heroic status required that his remains be returned to England, so his body was preserved in a cask of Rum which was part  of a sailor’s ration on a British war ship.

On its arrival in England the cask contained Nelson’s remains but no rum! During the return journey, sailors had made holes in the cask and drank the rum through straws, imbibing Nelson’s blood in a practice that became known as ‘Tapping the Admiral’ whenever rum is served at sea.

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Admirals Cask Aged 5 Years
Caribbean Dark Rum 70cl

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Admirals Cask Aged 5 Years Panama Rum
Diamond Range 70cl

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Admiral's Cask Dark Rum Barrel Gift Set
3 x 50ml


Admiral's Cask Aged 5 Years Caribbean Dark Rum Miniature Barrel 5cl

“I was bought Admirals Cask Rum (the barrel version) for my birthday and really enjoyed it. I’ve been looking for Admirals cask rum in a bottle (to save a few pennies), plus I don’t need another barrel. So I was delighted to find that OSA produce it in fantastic diamond bottle. This is now my favourite Rum, beautiful bottle, beautiful rum with a similar flavour to Havana Club 7. Very happy customer and subscribed to get a bottle delivered every month”

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