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Clubhouse is our signature brand. An exceptional blend of rich fruit flavours balanced with a hint of peat smoke and an undertone of sweet spiciness that leaves a fresh, mouth-watering finish. OSA Fine Spirits Clubhouse is a premium blended Scotch Whisky crafted specially for us in Scotland from carefully selected malt and grain whiskies.

What is the Clubhouse Blend?
‘This exceptional blended Scotch whisky contains grain and mature malt Scotch whiskies form Speyside, Highlands and Islay. The result is a complex rich fruit flavour and long finish.’
The key ingredients which help to make our Clubhouse blend so desirable are the Islay and Speyside malts. The Islay adds a peaty and smoky hint and the Speyside a rich and fruity character, which is recognised as being at the heart of all good blends. The combination results in OSA Fine Spirits unique and cherished flavour.

We are often asked exactly what goes into the blend, and that is a classified secret known only to OSA Fine Spirits blend master. This is what we could get him to tell us…

The OSA Clubhouse blend is in the character of a blended Scotch Whisky. This means that it is made from mostly grain whiskies but we add between 20% and 30% malts to the blend. What is important is the quality of the malts and the fact that they are all over five years old, which adds considerably to the smooth character. We use approx. 15 different malts and three grain whiskies in the blend. Although the malts are predominantly from Speyside there are also Highland and Islay malts in the recipe.’

… and that is all that we could get out of him. We can also reveal that the grain whisky is matured in bourbon casks and half the malt whisky is matured in bourbon casks and the remainder in sherry wood casks.


Independent Critics are highly complementary about our Clubhouse blend: 

Clubhouse 89/100 Excellent whisky, definitely worth buying. ‘… magnificently juicy kick to the delivery… superb muscovado sugars at play… very neat and tidy and eminently quaffable’
Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible
"Richer than I expected on the nose, given the stated age… A little whiff of youth to start with, fresh and lively but settles into a beeswax and leather combo… There's light wood there, almonds and fudge… A little aromatic spice, perhaps. Can't quite put my finger on it… Initially peppery on the palate but dies away leaving dry, malty citrus… A few more sips and there's a smokiness building up. Spice has died away, replaced by a young, sweet note again: Lovely!"
Johnnie Stumbler‏ @JohnnieStumbler
"Clubhouse goes a fairway to prove it's no ordinary dram on the nose… raisins, dried fruit, sharp and fresh on the nose… I'm getting very light smoke with nuts and a sense of peat… light & fresh on the nose. On the palate: a wave of senses; initially a tiny bit sweet, then strong, bold hit of choice damp fruit, a hint of chocolate… crushed apples, strained and drained and left to dry for a couple of hours. Sharp & fresh… smooth, fruity with warm custard… now getting sharp, warming zest. Nice finish well above par. It is a nice, refreshing dram – rich and fruity. The finish is refreshing and there are definite spice notes prevailing."
Dave Alcock‏ @whiskyrepublic
"Lots of fruit & cereal.... Certainly getting that faint smokiness....hints of peel. What a surprise! This dram really punches above its weight...nutmeg, cinnamon, honey... There's a residual sweetness on what is a decent length finish. Had I a bottle it would be "Oft quaffed""
Whisky Please‏ @whiskyplease